I Am So Bi-Polar【電子書籍】[ Travis Breeding ]


<p>Travis shares the ups and downs of being Bi-Polar. He balances Bi-Polar with having Schizophrenia to live one of the most enjoyable lives a person with mental illness can lead. Travis shares what it is like to be depressed and low for days then all of a sudden have the switch flipped to being manic for days. The ups and downs are emotionally exhausting and he relies heavily on medication to live happily and freely in life. Travis wishes he could return to the high school days before his brain was stolen from him and live the life he had always dreamed about but he is coming to terms with his life as a person with mental illness. Travis thinks this is the life God intended for him to live so he is embracing his role in God's kingdom as a person with mental illness. Travis thinks about how he can share his life and experiences to help others understand devastating mental illnesses like Bi-Polar and Schizophrenia. Travis can go days without sleeping and then crash for three or four days at a time. His brain is never stable and is constantly fluctuating up and down. Travis takes mediation to mellow out the psychotic symptoms and mood swings that he deals with from being schizophrenic and bi-polar. Travis shares what it is like to live with serious mental illnesses while being a productive member of society in this book.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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