Afraid of Dying【電子書籍】[ Travis Breeding ]


<p>Travis writes about his upcoming fear of going under the knife and being put to sleep. He is terrified he will never wake up and if he does wake up he will not remember who he is or anything about his life. Travis is having brain surgery and he shares of his fears of the doctors implanting a tracking device or chip in his brain so that the CIA and government can track him to know what he is doing. Travis fears that people want him dead because he knows of better treatment options available for autism spectrum disorder and insurance companies do not want other people to find out about them. Travis is having a brain surgery to put a shunt in his brain that might help drain some of the fluid out of his brain and help him to think and feel better. He has always struggled with fine motor skills, social skills, cognitive thinking skills, and bed-wetting. Travis and his family hope that this surgery will be an answer to all of his pain over the years. Travis knows that no matter how scared he is of dying he must go through with this operation to help improve the quality of his life. Travis shares his thoughts, feelings, fears, and anxieties towards having brain surgery in this amazing short story about a person about to experience brain surgery.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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