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<p>Travis describes a life torn from reality where third party voices control you. They try to influence your ever decision and action. Auditory and visual hallucinations complicate his daily life and cause simple tasks like waking up and showering to be a hundred times more challenging for him than the average person. Travis shares his journey with schizophrenia and defeating the third party voices in this tell all book about what life with psychosis and schizophrenia is like for him.</p> <p>Travis shares how the third party voices partner with the CIA, government, medicaid, autism society, and his extended family to try and hurt him. Travis clings onto his parents and best friend to help guide him through this terrible journey through psychosis and the distorted thinking and emotions that come with it. Travis finds it harder to enjoy life and function as he continues to get older and the auditory and visual hallucinations only seem to worsen in severity.</p> <p>Travis describes what it is like driving a car while the third party is chasing him from behind all while dragons are spitting fireballs at him from the front. Travis says it can be hard to focus on driving with all of the crazy things that happen in his mind while driving. He also explains how there is always a third party with him when he is sleeping or trying to sleep making it difficult for him to obtain any sleep. Travis is convinced that the CIA and government are watching him and are out to get him or hurt him and are teaming up with anyone and everyone that they can find to destroy him.</p> <p>Because of this Travis only trusts two or three people in his life and he relies heavily on his best friend to keep him safe and help him realize when things are real or not real. Travis talks about the relationship between death or suicide and schizophrenia and how he feels that when someone dies because of a positive symptom or hallucination it is murder instead of suicide. He also suggests that when someone does die of the negative symptoms they did not really want to end their life or commit suicide. They were simply just tired and wanted to get help but could not.</p> <p>This book will tell you a lot about what it is like to live with psychosis and schizophrenia on a daily basis. One day Travis hopes to be able to catch a break from his mental illness and get back to life as a kid where mental illness had not stolen his life. The older Travis gets the harder it is for him to remember a life without mental illness. This is a very emotional and honest book written from an individual living with schizophrenia fighting each day to beat the devastating illness. Follow Travis as he conquers the world one day at a time.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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