Vaccine Theories of a President【電子書籍】[ Travis Breeding ]


<p>Travis discusses the president elect Trump's plan to study vaccines effect and role in autism yet again.Travis applauds Trump's effort to bring autism mainstream but wishes that federal funding could be spent on support services to improve the lives of people with autism and mental illness as opposed to repetitive research that does not help people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder today.</p> <p>Travis shares how hearing study after study on vaccines just continues to frustrate him. While finding the cause of autism is important for future generations it is equally as important to fund adequate support systems to help people living with autism today. We must look at autism from two angles. One of which focuses on finding out what causes autism and how to prevent it and the other most important, how to provide excellent autism transition services to help adults age out of the education system and into adult autism services.</p> <p>Travis also discusses how his faith has been impacted by the 2016 presidential election and how he fears that his extended family is out to get him because he has autism and schizophrenia. He fears that his family members are attacking him and working with politicians who want to ride the world of people with disabilities. Travis wishes that he did not have a disability so his aunt, uncle, and cousins could like him for who he was. Travis is afraid of some of the behaviors from current politicians and questions if they are really christians and behaving like God would want them to be.</p> <p>Travis shares tips and ideas on how to improve the adult service world for people with autism and mental illness in hopes that politicians can be inspired by his reading. It is Travis' hope that people like him will always have a place to live and hopefully a place to work so that they can gain financial independence and take care of themselves. Travis hopes and believes that all people should be treated equally and be afforded the same opportunities in life. Read this book to find out Travis' view on the relationship between vaccines and autism as well as gain some insight and ideas as to what kind of services Travis would like to see in place for autistic people.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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